The beat breakdown is one of the most important elements of a hit song— in this event we invite performing artist Leon Kittrell II to breakdown famous beats over the years, as well as a few student submitted songs.

Infused with fun games like “Guess the Groove”, Leon will take us on a musical journey where we strip away the vocals and other instruments and focus solely on the drums & percussion of some of today’s biggest hits.

About Leon:

Leon G. Kittrell II, started playing drums at the very early age of two years old. Being influenced by his father and many other drummers, he has taken a path that spans him across many genre. He is totally self-taught and has never had a lesson. He has been touring for the last 15 years. Starting out his career with his first major gig in the hip hop world with ‪Travis Porter, he has crossed all genre and boundaries as a drummer to date. After being given the nickname “Kwikstiks” by ‪Bo Diddley, Leon has been blazing up the industry from stages to studios working with the best.

Artist’s Leon has toured & worked with:

TLC | Janelle Monae | Lil Wayne | Mac Miller | Monica | 2chainz | Travis Porter | Norman Brown | Eric Benet | Jidenna | Too Short & More!


Leon’s Info:

Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/kwikstiks/?hl=en

Website: www.lessonsquad.com/leon-kittrel