Events Team 1 member, Events/Marketing Department

Events Team 1 member, Events/Marketing Department

Job Description

Applicants must be a full time LAFS student with a GPA of 2.0 or higher. 

Name of Position:

Events Team 1 member, Events/Marketing Department

Name of Supervisor(s):

Cecilia Berry
Shanda Pierce

Location where the student will perform his/her duties:

In accordance with CDC guidelines, this position is currently a hybrid role/both remote and on campus.

Purpose or role of the position within the organization:

The events team 1 member should have an upbeat, positive, outgoing individual helping the events team. Duties will include but are not limited to: coordinating logistics leading up to the event with outside vendors and internal staff, data entry, planning & execution of events, and day-to-day support to the Events department. Must be dependable with respect to attendance and punctuality, reliable, detail-oriented, able to multi-task, high energy, and must possess strong technology skills with standard software. This position is expected to wear many hats in order to support the events coordination department and help the company achieve its retention goals. Excellent communication and listening skills are a must. Must also be a team player with a positive attitude and desire to make a difference.

Duties and responsibilities associated with the position and how they relate to the purpose or role:

– Flexibility in schedule (including 1 Saturday of the month for Virtual All-Access-Studio Tour)
– Help with greeting guests, virtual check-ins, and assisting with live streamed student orientation/appreciation events
– Assistance running/coordination of virtual evening panels and/or other evening events
– Administrative & secretarial support to the events department including but not limited to:
• Updating png/pdf graduation invitations
• Researching vendors for graduation cap & gowns
• Maintaining list of past graduation speakers
• Create slide presentation for monthly events on 6363 TV/Dell Garden Monitors which highlights Black History, Hispanic History Month, LGBTQ+ month Women’s History Month and more
• Update, log and track event numbers on Important guests spreadsheet
• Research and update alumni/graduate work in the industry
• Communicating with student store customers
– Data entry, faxing, and filing
– Must have reliable transportation and reliable internet/wifi-connection
– Maintain existing systems
– Coordinate schedules & help prepare other presentations

General qualifications for the position:

– Must be well organized with excellent written and verbal communication skills
– Must be able to efficiently handle multiple projects with competing deadlines
– PC computer skills are a must – including Microsoft Word and Excel
– Other program or computer tech skills a plus (zoom, youtube, facebook)
– Must take pride in providing high quality, detailed work

Before applying, you must first fill out the FWS APPLICATION to see if you are eligible to work through the Federal Work-Study program. Please fill this form out before you apply to this position.
Once you are eligible to work through the Federal Work-Study program, please click on the APPLY NOW button below to directly email the Supervisor with the subject line of the JOB POSITION TITLE and your attached RESUME.

Please send your Emails and Resumes to Shanda at

September Podcast Spotlight: Sci-fi

Podcast Highlight: Sceince Fiction

It’s September! This month we are going to showcase the a number of Science Fiction podcasts. From long form radio plays to discussions on your favorite science fiction writer, we have a bit of something for everyone. So grab a mug of your favorite warm drink and enjoy!

SciFi OnScreen Podcast

SciFi Onscreen Podcast takes an in depth look at Science Fiction, Horror, Comic book and Fantasy movies and their remakes. Breaking down the behind the scenes lore, decisions made my the creators, the plot and any of its holes, and so much more. 

It has over 150 Episodes and has some of your favorite books turned movies. This podcast is great for a third party look at movies and diving more into the world of sci-fi cinema. 

The Deca Tapes

An eight-part mystery podcast that will leave you wanting more. Mysterious Tapes have been found  made by ten different people locked in a strange facility together. Each have been given a role and set of instructions to follow. But where are they? Why are they there? What are the Deca Tapes? 

Mysterious, Thrilling and leaves you wanting more! A Great mix of writing, audio production and storytelling. 


Currently in its 5th Season, Tanis is a science fiction mystery docudrama series. Narrated by Nic Silver, The series follows him on his quest into the dark web, the occult, and the obscure in search of answers pertaining to the myth of Tanis. What is it? What does it do? Who is willing to hide all traces of it? That is for you to listen and find out. 

Well researched, compelling,  mysterious and leaving you wanting more, Tanis is great for those who enjoy unraveling a mystery. 

The Message /

GE Podcast Theater and Panoply brings you two incredible audio dramas that are true masterpieces. Two standalone stories that will be leaving you wanting more. 

The Message is an 8 part series centered around Nicky Tomalin, a journalist who is following a top team of Cryptologists as they attempt to decode and understand a strange message sent from the far reaches of space. 

Lif-e.Af/ter is a 10 part series that follows Ross Barnes, an FBI clerk who recently lost his wife, Charlie. He spends most of his time listening to her voice from her old posts on social media. Or he does, until one day he gets a new message from her, and it sends him on a journey that will leave you asking this: In a world were we post, chat, save and spend most of our time online – are we ever really gone? When you live online, where do you spend eternity? 

Welcome to Night Vale

Presented as a Radio Show of the small  desert town of Night Vale, Welcome to Night Vale has been going strong since 2012. 

The world is just creepy, fantastical and cryptic enough to make you want to fall down the worm hole.  With a cast. ofmemorable characters, live shows, spin offs and almost 200 unique episodes, Welcome to Night Vale is certainly a must listen to those who enjoy Cryptids, mystery, the strange, outer-worldly and more. 


An audio drama about the first colonists to Mars – and how things are not what they seem. As they explore the red planet, the new discoveries they uncover only add more questions and mystery to the possibility that there is more to Mars than meets the eye. 

Currently with three seasons and a miniseries in the works, Marsfall is a gripping science fiction podcast that will have you on the edge of your seat. A great podcast for anyone who is more into the science in science fiction with a dash of mystery and thriller. 

We do not own the movie trailers or movie posters posted here.