Women’s History Month 2022

Let's shine the spotlight on the women who have been helping to shape the world of entertainment.

Check out these movies that were crafted by female directors, producers, editors & cinematographers!

Across the Universe

Directed by Julie Taymor. Co-Produced by Jennifer and Suzanne Todd. Edited by Françoise Bonnot.
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Lawrence of Arabia

Edited by Anne V. Coates.
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American Psycho

Directed by Mary Harron.
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Co-produced by Dede Gardner & Adele Romanski. Edited by Joi McMillon.
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Cinematography by Maryse Alberti. Edited by Claudia Castello.
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A Quiet Place

Cinematography by Charlotte Bruus Christensen.
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The Farewell

Directed and co-produced by Lulu Wang. Co-produced by Anita Gou, Daniele Tate Melia & Jane Zheng. Cinematography by Anna Franquesa Solano.
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These amazing screenplays were written by women! You can check the scripts out from our collection.


Screenplay co-written by Anne Spielberg.
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Screenplay written by Amy Heckerling.
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Screenplay written by Emily Halpern, Sarah Haskins, Susanna Fogel & Katie Silberman.
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Lost in Translation

Screenplay written by Sofia Coppola.
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The Babadook

Screenplay written by Jennifer Kent.
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Screenplay written by Melissa Mathison.
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Screenplay co-written by Debra Hill.
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Let the ladies show you how they rock out with these playlists we created for the occasion!

Celebrate the achievements and legacies of women all month long!