Video Editor/Camera Operator, LARS

Video Editor/Camera Operator, LARS

Job Description

Applicants must be a full time LAFS student with a GPA of 2.0 or higher. 

Name of Position:

Video Editor/Camera Operator, LARS

Name of Supervisor(s):

Robert Delgadillo
Ambrus Deak
Albert Matta
Jordan Jannone

Direct report to Jordan Jannone

Location where the student will perform his/her duties:

LARS and LAFS for video shoots and room 222 in LARS for video editing and pre/post production.

Purpose or role of the position within the organization:

Role of the position within the organization is to assist with educational and instructional videos for online and campus audio and music programs. With the launch of the online Audio Program we are creating new courses each month with an emphasis on video as well as updating the campus programs with additional video content. Our internal video production team is in need of an additional team member.

Duties and responsibilities associated with the position and how they relate to the purpose or role:

Duties and responsibilities include:
Assist the associate program manager with video production as a camera operator and help with general production needs that include lighting, studio/location bookings, running the teleprompter, and production management needs. In addition, assist with video editing and maintaining our B-roll video library. Other duties include syncing audio to picture, graphics/titles, some photoshop work, and helping maintain our in-house cameras, lighting, and production gear.

Visual Effects/Motion Graphics/After Effects are a bonus, but not required.

Additional help with various projects as needed.

General qualifications for the position:

Film or related major with video production and editing experience is required. Familiar with 4K video, Sony A7III cameras, prime lenses, lighting for single and multi-camera shoots, interviews with three-point lighting, running a teleprompter, Adobe Premier Pro editing, basic Adobe Photoshop and basic or advanced graphic design skills, and naming and uploading clips for streaming and/or download. Any Visual Effects/Motion Graphics/After Effects skills are a bonus but are not required.

Before applying, you must first fill out the FWS APPLICATION to see if you are eligible to work through the Federal Work-Study program. Please fill this form out before you apply to this position.
Once you are eligible to work through the Federal Work-Study program, please click on the APPLY NOW button below to directly email the Supervisor with the subject line of the JOB POSITION TITLE and your attached RESUME.

Please send your Emails and Resumes to Jordan Jannone at