Introduction to the Library for Faculty

Introduction to the LAFS Library FOR FACULTY

Tune in for a live session every 2nd Wednesday of every term.
MISSED THE EVENT? A Recording of the event will be posted on the Library-Live page.

Welcome to The LAFS Library!

Mission: The Library’s goal is to provide direct support for the educational mission of the school, by selecting and organizing current and relevant books, media, and digital resources; to assist students and faculty in locating and retrieving information effectively, and to assist in the educational and professional development of students.

As of July 2022:


Students & Staff can access the Library on campus, B1 5th floor, and utilize computers, borrow materials, print, scan, and such!

As we continue our phased reopening, we’re focused on creating safe and welcoming spaces for everyone, and we look forward to seeing you soon. 

Monday-Friday from 8:00am – 8:00pm 

* The above Library Hours are temporary as we are reopening the Library in phases. Please see “Today’s Hours” posted on the Library Site for more accurate hours for the day. 


Many of the Library’s digital services will remain available through the Koha Library Catalog and A-Z Databases guide, which includes research-based articles, online streaming videos, electronic screenplays, and music-related databases. Library Staff will be available to provide assistance by phone and email, so be sure to leave a detailed message. 




As we continue our phased reopening, we’re focused on creating safe and welcoming spaces for everyone, and we look forward to seeing you soon. 


You can find our collections  by visiting our digital Library Catalog, KOHA. It  is used to find materials based on author, title, subject, or format. Check out Koha to search for books, screenplays, films, magazines, and more! We have the following items (on-campus and online):

      • Books
      • Films
      • Screenplays
      • Storyboards & Treatments
      • Magazines
      • Games
      • Audio & Music CDs
      • Electronic Resources (i.e. eBooks, eVideos, eScripts, eMagazines, etc.)
      • Course Reserves
      • Reference Books

If you would like to have a library account to log in to Koha, please fill out the Library Application Form here. You will soon receive a confirmation once your account has been created. 

If you already have an account with us, there’s no need to fill out the form, you can start logging in and accessing some of the features of Koha.

NOTE: You DO NOT need a Library Account to access the collection! The catalog is made public, but you do need to sign in with your LAFS creds to access some of the electronic resources. 


The Library seeks to provide the following services that support the LAFS community with the best possible environment and resources for research. View the Services page on the Library site to learn more.

      • Circulation
      • Computers & Other Equipment (i.e. Headphones,  MIDI Keyboards, etc)
      • Printing & Scanning
      • Study Space
      • Info Helpdesk
      • Library Monthly Orientations


Circulation Requests

If any Faculty members wish to pick-up library materials during this time, they may do so. Please coordinate a day/time with the Library to ensure their availability and desired library item is put on HOLD.

Collection Purchase Requests

Faculty can make purchase requests if the Library does not own a copy of the desired material. Reasons for a purchase request will be considered along with budget constraints.

Click here to make a purchase suggestion or leave general feedback.


Look through these streaming platforms to find videos that these companies have in stock and available for purchase through the Library! 

eVideos Collection: If you need to view the list of the already purchased licensed videos, click here.  


Browse through the eBook databases, EBSCO and ProQuest eBooks, to see the full list of available electronic books that you may want the Library to purchase. You will need to have an account to do so, you may sign up for one here.

eBooks Collection: If you need to view the list of the already purchased licensed videos, click here

Library Monthly Orientation

The Library will be conducting monthly training in regards to utilizing the Library and its resources.  Faculty can reinforce students to attend this event and may use this as extra credit or participation points. Please coordinate with the Library if needed additional training within your class.

Every 2nd Wednesday of the Term.


It is important, even for an artist, creator, or designer, that you know how to conduct research; it’s not just for scientists or medical doctors. Through your journey here at LAFS, you will understand the importance of Information Literacy, which means to be information literate. You must be able to recognize when information is needed and have the ability to locate, evaluate, and use it effectively.  Visit the Research Guide to start your search!


Our popular page is our A-Z Databases. A research database is a set, or collection of data, which is gathered and made available online. Most of the databases you will be using here, come from academic or open access libraries.

Often, you will need to sign in with your LAFS credentials upon accessing some of these Databases. For further instructions on how to access or do simple searches, you may find helpful guides under the Tutorials page. 


The Library team has created helpful instructions on how to access, log in and do research in several of our databases. Other tutorials about navigating the Library website and Koha can also be found here.    

Subject Guides

The Subject Guides are developed by our Library Staff that focuses on specific subject areas. In any of our Subject Guides, you may find databases relevant to the subject area and links to books, websites, journals, magazines, and more!

Online Resources

The Library team has added many outside resources (most of these online resources are free) for Students, Alumni, and Staff to utilize for their class assignments or general/personal use.  

Don’t forget, learn and utilize as much as you can about the information available to you provided by the Library!