How to Navigate through the Connect Website v3.0 – Logging in as a Student

How to Navigate through the Connect Website v3.0 - Logging in as a Student


We have updated the Student landing page of Connect!

The Connect site is your one stop shop for all school related activity, news & events, classes, educational resources, support, and helping you get the information needed from all departments. This Facebook-like style will help you get across the page more smoothly and easily.

New Features Added:

    • View your Class Schedule and your meeting days/times for your current class
    • View your current GPA
    • View your e-Codes for your Software

Visit the new Connect site today and check below for the tutorial.

If you are having technical issues, please CLEAR your browser history & data and QUIT out of your browser, instructions on how to do so can be found here.

Connect Site looking like this???

If you see this error, please clear out your web browser history & data. Follow the instructions below.

Avid Media Composer: First Installation and Download

Avid Media Composer | First - Installation and Download

This quick tutorial is good for anyone who wants to download Media Composer First for the first time.

First is great for people who want to get a feel for Avid before purchasing, up their editing game from iMovie, or for the complete beginner.

Read this article here that describes which Avid products work with the macOS 10.15 (Catalina) operating system from Apple.

Learn more about Avid at or check out the Avid Articles on the Helpdesk Knowledge Base page.