Airtame Installation and Usage

Windows Installation

Open a web browser and go to

Once downloaded, run the installer.

Use all of the default options for the installation.

Once it is installed, you can access it from the system tray, as shown below.

The Airtame icon in the system tray

Mac Installation

Open a web browser and go to

Once downloaded, run the DMG file and drag the Airtame app to the Applications folder. This may prompt for permission. Grant it.

Once it has been copied, go to the Applications folder and launch the Airtame application.

In order to share Audio, you will need to install the Audio Driver. Click on the Enable Audio button, as shown below.

This button will be at the top of the Airtame window.

Allow the install to continue if prompted. You may need to allow the installation through System Preferences > Security and Privacy. If so, click on Allow, as shown below.

Once you have finished the installation, restart the Airtame application by two-finger clicking (or right clicking, if you have a mouse) on the Airtame icon on the system bar at the top of the screen and choosing “Quit Airtame”.

Launch the Airtame application again.

Using the Airtame Application

Using the application is the same on both Mac and PC.

Bring up the application and choose which Airtame you wish to connect to.and choose whether you want to display your entire screen or a single window.

The Airtame you are connecting to will show a four digit on the screen that you will need to type in the application.

To enable audio, click on the “Audio on/off” button.

When you’re finished sharing, click on the “Stop” button.