Welcome to the Connect Site for Staff

We have updated the Staff portal on Connect!

The Connect site is your one-stop-shop for all school-related activities, news & events, educational resources, department information, and support. This updated style will help you get across the page more smoothly and easily! 

New Staff Features: 

    • Learn about COVID-19 updates on the front page
    • View easily the important Campus News & Events 
    • Navigate your way through the new top Menu
    • View highlighted Bookmarks and more!

If you like to make a request to add, change, or remove anything on the current Connect Site, for student or staff pages, please email helpdesk@lafilm.edu

Also, we have updated the Student landing page of Connect! Students will have a different view from Staff because of certain features like:

New Student Features: 

    • Student Current Classes and Schedules
    • Student GPA
    • Student e-Codes for their Software

If you are having technical issues, please CLEAR your browser history & data and QUIT out of your browser, instructions on how to do so can be found here

Visit the new Student & Staff CONNECT SITE today and check below for the tutorial.