How to Navigate Staff Connect

Welcome to the Connect Site for Staff

We have updated the Staff portal on Connect!

The Connect site is your one-stop-shop for all school-related activities, news & events, educational resources, department information, and support. This updated style will help you get across the page more smoothly and easily! 

New Staff Features: 

    • Learn about COVID-19 updates on the front page
    • View easily the important Campus News & Events 
    • Navigate your way through the new top Menu
    • View highlighted Bookmarks and more!

If you like to make a request to add, change, or remove anything on the current Connect Site, for student or staff pages, please email

Also, we have updated the Student landing page of Connect! Students will have a different view from Staff because of certain features like:

New Student Features: 

    • Student Current Classes and Schedules
    • Student GPA
    • Student e-Codes for their Software

If you are having technical issues, please CLEAR your browser history & data and QUIT out of your browser, instructions on how to do so can be found here

Visit the new Student & Staff CONNECT SITE today and check below for the tutorial.